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Championship BBQ Rub Combo Pack

Two 12oz Shakers $18.00

Take home our Championship BBQ Rub Combo pack and get one 12oz bottle of Let It Ride and one 12oz bottle of All In.

Let It Ride Championship BBQ Rub

12oz Shaker $9.99

Let It Ride is a savory rub that is perfect for pork, chicken and even turkey. Here is your chance to try the rub we have used to win hundreds of awards on the competition BBQ circuit.

Nutritional Information

All In Championship BBQ Rub

All In is the rub we used to finish 9th Place in Brisket for the 2018 BBQ season and is one of the hottest rubs on the Steak competition circuit. This savory rub brings out the best in any cut of beef as well as pork and chicken. Here is your chance to try the rub we have used to become one of the top brisket cooks in the country.

12oz Shaker $9.99

6.5oz Shaker $6.99

Nutritional Information

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