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Recent Highlights

2nd Place Steak - Grill-Billies BBQ Steak Cookoff
8th Place Steak - Summer Splash Double Steak Cookoff
GRAND CHAMPION - Intermountain Steak Championship
2nd Place Steak - Chillin N Grillin in the Glades
2nd Place Steak - Low Country Ribeye Championship
Peoples Choice Champions - SC Festival of Discovery
9th Place Overall - Poosa Q
7th Place Ribs - Poosa Q
3rd Place Brisket - Bloomin BBQ & Bluegrass
10th Place Ribs - Bloomin BBQ & Bluegrass
GRAND CHAMPIONS - Boss Hog Cookoff
2nd Place Ribs - Boss Hog Cookoff
8 Place Brisket - Boss Hog Cookoff
9th Place Pork - Boss Hog Cookoff
4th Place Ribs - Jiggy with the Piggy
7th Place Overall - Jiggy with the Piggy
2nd Place Ribs - BBQ Capital Cookoff
GRAND CHAMPIONS - Sequoyah Lodge SCA Steak Cookoff
1st Place Ribs - BBQ Gives Back 2
5th Place Overall - BBQ Gives Back 2
7th Place Overall - BBQ Gives Back 1
6th Place Brisket - BBQ Gives Back 1
2nd Place Ribs - Sip & Swine
3rd Place Chicken - Bama-Q Capital City Cookoff
8th Place Ribs - Bama-Q Capital City Cookoff
9th Place Brisket - Bama-Q Capital City Cookoff
7th Place Overall - Bama-Q Capital City Cookoff
6th Place Chicken - Winter BBQ Throwdown
8th Place Brisket - Winter BBQ Throwdown
9th Place Ribs - Winter BBQ Throwdown
8th Place Overall - Winter BBQ Throwdown
Reserve Grand Champions - Lakeland Pigfest
2nd Place Brisket - Lakeland Pigfest
3rd Place Chicken - Lakeland Pigfest
9th Place Ribs - Lakeland Pigfest

Upcoming Competitions

Here is our schedule for 2019!

Grillbillies BBQ Steak Cookoff Wendell, NC. Info

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2019 Competition Results

Grill-Billies BBQ Steak Cookoff Wendell, NC. Info
Summer Splash Double Steak Cookoff Jacksonville, FL. Info
Sequoyah Lodge Steak Cookoff Johnson City, TN. Info
Car-B-Que Double Steak Cookoff Folkston, GA. Info
Low Country Ribeye Championship Hanahan, SC. Info
SC Festival of Discovery Greenwood, SC. Info
Poosa Q Montgomery, AL. Info
Banjo-B-Que August, GA. Info
Bloomin' BBQ & Bluegrass Sevierville, TN May 17/18. Info
Boss Hog BBQ Cookoff Waynesboro, GA May 10/11. Info
Jiggy With The Piggy Kannapolis, NC May 3/4. Info
BBQ Capital Cookoff Lexington, NC Apr 19/20. Info
Sequoyah Lodge SCA Steak Cookoff Kingsport, TN Apr 13. Info
BBQ Gives Back 2 Urbanna, VA Mar 22/23. Info
BBQ Gives Back 1 Urbanna, VA Mar 21/22. Info
Sip & Swine Lawrenceville, GA Mar 1/2. Info
Bama-Q Capital City Cookoff Feb 22/23. Info
Winter BBQ Throwdown Young Harris, GA Feb 1/2. Info
Lakeland PigFest Lakeland, Fl Jan 25/26. Info

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